Michaela Coffield (b. Oakland, California) lives and works in Portland, Oregon. With her work, Michaela aims to create a feeling of welcoming, warmth, and connection. She uses a variety of art mediums and materials, but especially loves zines, hand painted signs, wonky ceramics, and anything that involves paper, an exacto knife, and office supplies. Her work has been shown at Adjacent to Life Gallery in New York, as well as in numerous living rooms across the US. Publications include Pal Magazine and Woman Zine, in addition to self published titles such as Late Fees and Plants I’ve Known.

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I find the art world to be a little intimidating and scary, with its rules, conventions, and hierarchies. My work aims to create an inclusive environment of warmth and connection within the white box gallery. A soft but humorous revolt. I’ve made floral wallpaper with the copy machine and taped it to the walls to reclaim the space. Paper flowers connected with brass fasteners trellis up the walls, like something from a children’s library reading room. My zine, Art Guide, welcomes and orients viewers to the space, letting them know art is for everyone.

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